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Simplified Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Richmar TheraTouch LX2 Laser Therapy System

The TheraTouch LX2 Class IIIb Laser Therapy System

Rehab System

The versatile, FDA approved,
hands-free cold laser!

ML830 Smart Laser shown with one Tri-Diode Laser Paddle. Can also be had with two Tri-Diode Lasers

Dental System

The versatile, FDA approved,
hands-free cold laser!

ML830 Smart Laser Dental System shown with one Dental Laser.

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Rehab & Physical Therapy

The Smart-Laser™ utilizes the ideal Wavelength of Light which results in a considerable increase in efficacy for your patients. Our patented 830 nm wavelength is proven through major studies to be the ideal wavelength for treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions.

The modern, light-weight design provides maximum portability. It can easily fit in your pocket and is simple to use!

The ML830 Smart Laser for Dental Therapy

Our Unique Dental probe utilizes a very special tip for intra-oral use. This Fiber-Optic Light Guide is long and curved near the end which allows you to reach the rear teeth on both the distal and proximal sides of a tooth and the nerves.

This special tip guides the laser light energy into a precise location around bone and teeth allowing for deeper penetration into the tissue and nerves!


The ML830 Smart Laser Dental System with Fiber-Optic Light Guide Attached.


Fiber-Optic Light Guide Attachment.

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Laser Therapy offers many of the same benefits and applications in horses, dogs and cats as they do in humans.

Here are some of the applications and benefits in use today by veterinarians, trainers, pet owners around the world:

Acute and Chronic Ear Infections
Anal Gland Infections
Back pain
Bone Spavin
Bowed Tendons
Bucked Shins
Capped Hocks
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cervical Musculature
Degenerative Disc Disease
Degenerative Joint Disease
Exertional Rhabdomyolysis
Hip Dysplasia
Hot Spots
Hunter’s Bumps
Hydroma of the elbow
Inferior Check Ligament Desmitis
Joint Related Injuries
Lick Granulomas
Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
Neck, Back and Vertebral Column
Neuromuscular disease
Post-surgical and soft tissue trauma
Soft Tissue Injuries
Sprains and strains
Stifle Disorders
Subluxations of the Sacroiliac Joint
Superior Check Ligament Strain
Suspensory Disorders
Tarsal Plantar Desmitis (Curb)
Thoracolumbar Musculature Hoof
Trochanteric Bursitis
Ulcerations and open wounds
Wound Healing

Studies & Articles

The science behind the Smart Laser System has been well documented and Studied.

Here are just a few articles discussing it’s use cases and effectiveness

Who We Are

We founded Laser Therapeutics, LLC to help doctors, veterinarians & therapists provide light therapy to their patients or clients. With decades of expertise, we can answer your questions and get you the right equipment to match your needs.

We’re here to answer your questions!

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    Dr. Neubar discusses Smart Laser Effectiveness in Oncology.
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    Maria is a licensed athletic trainer who discusses how she uses the ML830 Smart Laser
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    Dr. Girgis discusses how he uses the ML830 Smart Laser in his practice for non-surgical spinal decompression.
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    Steve Brewer
    Steve is a patient who successfully treated several ailments along with his wife using the ML830 Smart Laser.
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    Dr. Kim Sergent
    Dr. Kim Sergent is an equine practitioner who uses her ML830 Smart Laser everyday at her practice. As well as at home.