Laser Therapy Device – ML830 Smart Laser System With Two Lasers

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Rehab, PT, Chiro, Sports Medicine
Console plus two (2) Tri-diode
Cluster paddles


Smart Laser System with two Lasers comes with the Smart Laser Console and two tri-diode lasers.  This Laser Therapy Device is great for chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers who want to add cold laser therapy to their clinic.

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ML830 Smart Laser Therapy Device Specifications
Triple Probe Single Probe
Laser Diodes Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide (GaAlAs) (3), Visible Red LED (1) GaAlAs (1)
Wavelength 830 nanometers (nm) Near-Infrared Radiation (NIR)
641~645 nm visible red light-emitting LED
Laser Output 30 milliwatts (mW) x 3 = 90 mW 90 mW
Laser Energy Delivered 1 Joule per laser diode x 3 laser diodes = 3 Joules per treatment cycle 3 Joules per treatment cycle
Beam Configuration Elliptical (1mm x 3 mm) x 3 Elliptical (1mm x 3 mm)
Input Voltage / Frequency for Battery Charger 100 / 240 volts AC 47/63 Hz-0.5 A
Output Voltage of Battery Charger 5 Volts DC, maximum
Output Watts/Amps of Battery Charger 15 Watts – 3.0 Amps.
Weight ~ 230 grams ~ 130 grams
Dimensions 8.75 inches long and 2.8 inches wide and 1 inch high (22 cm long x 7 cm wide x 2.5 cm high) 7 inches long and 0.8 inches wide and 1 inch high (18cm long x 2cm wide x 2.5 cm high)

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